Telemarketing through Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

"Let us take care of the telemarketing, and let your sales team focus on hot opportunities."

Asia Leads Provider specializes in contacting decision makers to generate a leads, create appointments, and generate attendees for an event and more. Once we understand your business requirements, our dedicated agents will be calling eight hours a day in five days a week to reach out on your target prospect to promote your business and arrange possible meetings on your behalf. We are bound to deliver high quality and effective leads at the end of every campaign. All in all, we help you end up with profitable, competent and high-quality customers.

Email Marketing

"Email is the medium key for all types of communication. It's not how you deliver the message but it’s how you find the right target contact and market that fits to be your target audience, preferences and customer insight."

With our in-house built Email Service Software, we are topping-up our appointment setting and lead generation program with an email marketing service to connect and communicate on a wider target area, market, and location. We reach out to your target audience with a customized proposition via email and discuss in a brief and smart tone how your products & services work. We can even conduct a series of follow-ups and email messaging program for your current and old contacts to update them of what is new with your company. Also, it includes embedding social media icons, inviting users to webinars, seminars live events and etc.

Social Media and Online Marketing

"Build your own marketing and website brand, expose your expertise and update your clients with the latest information about your business."

With the uprising technology and development nowadays, it is undeniable that social media and online services are on top of the list for sales, business-to-business and lead generation services. It strengthens and allows businesses to build relationships with brands and market them.

Asia Leads Provider has extended to make use of LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and all other social media sites to look for potential clients that are good to pass and serve as your clients. You, as our client will peak on how other companies, specifically competitors deal with their strengths and weaknesses in running off with their products and services. We find a way to measure your campaign and we let the leads roll in.

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