Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution

Competition is much wider in the of field business. You need to attract your customer in a different product and services you offer, to increase your sale growth. You need to give a lot of opportunities, good service and if not you will not, you’ll lose at least 5 or more customer you have.

Asia Leads Provider has been helping companies grow for over 14 years. Our marketing program is developed with our expert team of telesales professionals up to the top technology used and created in-house to rapidly deliver leads and appointments in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Our lead generation and telemarketing service can help reach a wider market in the same field to boost up your sales growth within a minimum time.

Listed below are the active business services categories we have experience with:

    •   Equipment manufacturer

    •   Furniture and Fixtures

    •   Technology manufacturer

    •   Safety Supplies & Services

    •   Engineering Services

    •   Construction and Building Projects

    •   Materials handling

    •   Transport and Telecommunication

    •   Pharmaceutical